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B.Makovec transport d.o.o. services

B.MAKOVEC TRANSPORT D.O.O. with 20 tractor units and 30 trailers

Blaž Makovec

makovec transport


We organise full load services from:

  • SLOVENIA - SPAIN and back every day of the week
  • ITALY - SPAIN every day of the week
  • SPAIN - CROATIA periodically
  • SPAIN - SERBIA once a week

makovec transport


  • A truck with split consignments heads towards Spain every Monday. The delivery takes place on Wednesday in Barcelona and on Thursday in Valencia.
  • We also organise smaller shipments for other locations throughout Spain and Portugal. Such shipments are delivered to our partner in Barcelona, who delivers them to their final destinations.
  • Split consignments are collected Thursdays and Fridays from Valencia and Barcelona for deliveries throughout Slovenia on Monday/Tuesday.
  • We collect goods across Italy on a daily basis according to our clients' wishes. We only collect packages with a minimum weight of 20kg.

In the area of Slovenia - Italy,
we are specialised in the transport of wood, iron and granite plates.


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