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B.Makovec transport d.o.o. about us

B.MAKOVEC TRANSPORT D.O.O. with 20 tractor units and 30 trailers

Blaž Makovec

makovec transport

In its prehistoric form, road haulage began with animal locomotion upon the invention of the wheel and axle. Wheel was soon followed by a cart, which was the first means of cargo transport. Human traction force was eventually replaced by animals, which were the main locomotive power of the initial means of transport in the millennia that followed. The first written records regarding cargo transport for purpose of trade exchange take us back in time of Ancient Greece and Roman Empire.

Naturally, modern-day transport is essentially different, but it is also of vital importance for modern trade and production. And thus, becoming a way of living for the people who work with love and dedication in it.

makovec transport

After a number of years, working for a private freight company, he decides in 1995 to buy his own truck and to engage himself professionally in activity of freight transport and logistics. It soon became clear that one truck was not enough for the rapidly- growing business.

He started cooperating with other transport companies, ensuring regular delivery of goods to his clients. His professional partnership since creation of his company with D.Turk Transport Co. is still important today and is worth continuing the same way.

Cooperation extended to numerous freight transport companies throughout Slovenia, as well as abroad through Croatia, Italy and Spain, provide and guarantee the constant quality of our services.

Blaž Makovec, the founder and the owner of our Company, is certainly one of them.

In 2002, the company status changes from what was private entrepreneurship into B.Makovec Freight Transport Ltd. with 20 tractor units and 30 trailers.

Year 2008 was also a memorable year for our company when we moved into new premises in Industrial Zone at Tovarniska cesta in Ajdovscina. Our new premises boast 300 cubic meter storage area, beside offices and a workshop.

Our customers always keep coming back because they know what they want.


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